6-Week Spring Challenge

2023 is THE year.

All it takes is 6 weeks to see some progress - and as the saying goes "mind over matter". It just starts with showing up and we will take it from there.


Even if there's doubt, book a chat with one of our team members and see if it's a good fit.

The challenge includes:

- In-studio workouts

  • - Guidance on what to eat & when to eat it

  • - The accountability to get amazing results

We're going to be the best friend that always shows up. Piranha Fitness has access to industry leading trainers who know a simple formula that gets crazy results, and don't worry - we'll make sure and give an experience that is addicting and has you craving more.

We're offering the chance to join this challenge and love fitness once and for all

If this sounds like a good fit (and we mean a GOOD FIT) - then we want to help!

What's Included In The Challenge:

  • Workouts that are FUN (18 to be exact)

  • A community of friends

  • Trainers that will give guidance on what to eat and when to eat it

  • ​Coaching and accountability to ensure that there is no slacking

Who Should Join The Challenge:

  • Anyone who wants to get stronger, feel good in their skin, and channel an old version of themselves they miss

  • TIRED of yo-yo dieting and it never working

  • NO TIME to spend their life in the gym or kitchen but still wants a transformation

  • Wants to feel excited, energetic, and CONFIDENT in their own skin, and wants their family & friends to notice.

Complete this challenge and be on the journey to lifelong health.


See what our clients have to say about working with us:

OK! LET'S DO THIS! Stop scrolling and book a spot to chat!

Got questions? Check this out:

Who is this program for?

Anyone that wants to get in the best shape and have fun while doing so. Trust us, it's a blast in our studio and it's easy to forget about the workout.

What's included in the challenge?

18 in studio classes to use within the 6 weeks

Access to coaches and trainers that give guidance on what to eat and when to eat it

Accountability from friends and staff to ensure there is no slacking

How do I join the challenge?

Simple, just click on the button and fill out the form. Watch out for a text to confirm we've received the info. Better yet, schedule a call and start as soon as today.

When does the challenge start?

SOON. We start as soon as our last spot fills up. So, go fill out our form, we may still have a spot!

The program runs for 6 weeks.

Results may vary.

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